Tucson Miners Coop

The Miners Coop

Started in 2012 by Alby 'Smokey' Davis, the Miners Coop rock show has grown into Tucson's most friendly rock show. We carefully select from hundreds of applicants who would like to participate, chosing the ones that best fit our mold of "Diggers and Doers". All of our vendors are closely connected to the products they sell. Many represent several generations of family businesses in the Rock and Gem world.

There are lots of venues that make up the Tucson show. The Miners Coop is unique in that it's made up of the people who dig and mine, or the ones who construct amazing things from rocks. This the home of the Diggers and Do-ers.

The Tucson Miners Coop is a really laid back place. No booth bunnies, no hard sales pressure. Just a place where you can come and do your rock thing! Need something you found identified? Bring it to the show and we'll very likely be able to tell you what it is, where it came from and perhaps what we had for lunch on the day we were looking for the same thing.

The things we Sell

Rocks and Gems

From Amazonite and Azurite to Zincite

Created items

Gem Trees, Spheres, Cabochons, Fetishes


Handmade Silver Rings, Wire wrapped items, Faceted Gemstones

Where to find us